Toilet roll supplier

We have found a toilet roll supplier who can deliver supplies to your store. At the moment they don’t have capacity to take on large orders, but would be happy offer the below. Please note for now, this is limited to one box containing 12 x packs of 9 rolls, so it’s not going to go far but may help you offer a roll as a gesture in orders to vulnerable customers or key workers. We will keep this area updated as and when they are able to take on larger orders.

Plastic-free, zero-emissions, uk-made, eco friendly toilet roll. Wholesale pricing detailed below. Please see their Facebook Page for further product details.

If this is of interest, kindly confirm the full postal address for delivery, plus a mobile number (for the courier to send a text-delivery prediction). Your invoice will be attached to the parcel, kindly settle once you receive.

As you can imagine, supply is very tight at the moment, but we think supplying shops like yours is important to service those who were caught short by panic buying. We want to support our communities

Khurram, Nova Tissue Company Ltd

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