Zummo Central Ltd


c/o Crowsmoor Farm
Long Meadow End
Craven Arms


01588 672962 / 07855 748 183

About us

Zummo Central are Central England’s leading supplier of free-on-loan orange juice squeezing machines.

Why Zummo?

Our juice is a cut above other fresh OJ’s, because the Zummo machine’s unique squeezing system ensures that the juice doesn’t come into contact with the peel – this means no bitterness, no pips and, most importantly, no residual waxes and chemicals from the growing and packing processes.

About our machines

  • Z06 . Smallest machine suitable for small farm shop cafes.
  • Z14 . Automatically squeezes oranges when your customer fills cup or bottle.16 oranges per minute. Bigger farm shops
  • Z40. Incredibly fast and efficient. Provides 10% more juice per orange than nearest competitor. Named Z40 as it can process 40 oranges per minute or 3 litres of juice in that time. Also available for self service. Very large farm shops.

Other models are available. Availability, either as “Free on Loan”  when we supply the oranges, purchase or tax efficient lease, that we can provide.

Need oranges?

Zummo Central supply and deliver oranges throughout the country, whether you have one of our juicers or not. Our oranges are optimally sourced for yield and flavour from all over the world according to growing seasons. Our oranges our supplied at a very reasonable wholesale rate

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