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Willoglow® 100% British Grown Willow Briquettes

Willoglow® is a customer favourite. Made from locally grown and harvested 100% British willow, these market leading briquettes give ease of use and longer lasting warmth.

The main aim when the briquettes are produced is to a be a sustainable product of the highest quality. This is achieved through the growing willow taking carbon in from the atmosphere and storing the majority within its roots. When the willow is harvested, the roots remain in the soil keeping the carbon in place. This process continues for more than 30-years and classes Willoglow® as being carbon neutral.

Each time you use Willglow® briquettes you are supporting local British farming and your local farm shop. The willow crop also becomes home to many insects and birds to help build countryside biodiversity, supporting nature to continuously improve the environment.

Certified by Ready to Burn, the briquettes can even be used in UK smokeless zones. This makes Willoglow® one of the cleanest fuels available, allowing you to sit back, relax and feel the warmth.

Each pack of seven briquettes is designed to easily store and use. They are easy to shape to fit most sized appliances and straightforward to ignite. The impressive high calorific value: 18.016 MJ/Kg ensures a longer lasting product.

The moisture content is typically only 8%, meaning as long as the briquettes are kept in a dry place, they will give you consistent long-lasting warmth throughout the cold season and great barbequed food when the sun is back out.

There are many ways to is the briquettes including open fires, multi-fuel stoves, BBQs, firepits, chimineas and pizza ovens. Wherever you are your Willoglow® is there to ensure a great experience as friends and loved ones gather round to chat and smile.

With the winter months coming, Willoglow® will keep you warm, comfortable, and happy. Pull up a seat, put the kettle on, sit back, and relax!

Willoglow™ is Ready to Burn and Wood Sure Certified

Made in the UK
100% British willow wood
Environmentally and sustainably grown
Suitable for BBQ’s, Multifuel Stoves, Fire Pits
7 Logs per pack
Low moisture, 8% approx.
High calorific value 18.016 MJ/Kg
Only 0.5% ash
No chemicals or additives
Supports British farmers

“I absolutely love Willglow. It last for ages and gets our pizza oven really hot” – Jonathan D.

“The briquettes are brilliant: clean and green” – Julia A.

“Willoglow is the perfect fuel for firepits, to gather round and enjoy an evening outdoors” – Dan T.

“A great product. Burns really well; easy to store and use” – Alison B.

Store in a dry location where water cannot reach the product.

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