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c/o Well House Farm
Trap Street
Swettenham Heath
Cheshire, Congleton
CW12 2LR


07367 352437


About us

When it comes to selecting the world’s freshest and most delicious fish and seafood, we’re as particular as can be. We go one better too, only ever using partners who share our passion for keeping seafood simple, natural and always sustainable.

We’re fish lovers first and foremost, on a mission to supply premium quality fish and seafood to those who appreciate the difference. That means the freshest and most delicious products that you’d typically only find in professional kitchens – until now. We’re passionate about the environment too, so genuine
sustainability is our not-so-secret ingredient.

Independent & principled

Size matters, and our smallness is our strength. A million nautical miles from the corporate food giants, we’re passionate about bringing better quality fish to the nation’s table by being a grassroots business that sticks faithfully to its principles. Being a small independent business helps make this possible.

About Amy Salisbury

I’m proud to say that I come from a Grimsby fishing family, we have a fishing heritage of over 200 years. It’s my ambition to develop this industry for future generations to enjoy.

We want to support British Fishermen and Farmers wherever possible. It’s vital that we build a good outlet for our fish here in the UK.  We do this by using British caught/farmed wherever sustainably possible and pay a fair market price so that they can reinvest into their people and vessels.

When I moved away from the coast, I saw how difficult it was to find good fresh fish. Like a lot of consumers, I want to know where my fish is from and how it’s been handled. With this in mind, we have created a safety system where we can trace every pack back to a farm or vessel.

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