Unyfi Ltd.
Unit 47, Easton Business Centre
Felix Rd


07341 984641 (Tom Faithful)
0330 223 2093


About us

Unyfi provides waste management services that reduce business expenditure and saves you time.

Find tailored services, Environmentally friendly disposal solutions, negotiate exclusive rates and unify your waste streams through one point of contact.

You can even go one step further and get involved in helping to generate your own Green Gas, through Anaerobic digestion, whilst also reducing your overall costs.

General waste
Residual waste that cannot be recycled including: plastics, polythene and packaging

Dry mixed recycling
Glass, paper, plastic and cardboard that is free from contaminants

Glass recycling
Mass glass recycling that will be crushed and repurposed into usable products

Food recycling
Convert food waste into useful materials and products for achieving sustainability of the environment

Confidential waste
Waste that involves personal information that can be used to identify individuals

Sanitary waste
Feminine hygiene services for restrooms and clinical sites

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