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About us

The Christmas Cabin established in 2000, focuses on providing the best choice of tree stands in the business. Quality and design have always been essential factors, but above all else is the principle that a Christmas tree must have an adequate, constant supply of water to keep it fresh and long lasting.

  • Christmas tree stands
  • Commercial display systems
  • Funnels – netting – sundries
  • Point of sale materials
  • Wreath hangers and snow scoops


For the busy retailer we provide with a vast selection retail Christmas tree stands together with display solutions to create mini Christmas tree forests.

Our stands present the trees in a natural manner and attract customers to buy with ease. See our Quick-One display items and Quickstands for trees up to 10 foot tall and choose the Titan or Civic stands to display extra large trees.

A wide range of waterholding tree stands are available in attractive boxes or easy stack systems for displaying throughout the sales area.

Point of sale material specifically designed to enhance retail sites. POS material, in support real Christmas trees, is not forgotten either and a range of banners and boards is available to attract, direct and inform customers toward their purchase.


The Christmas Cabin understands the need to supply tree stands that meet the requirement of excellent water holding capacity and deliver full satisfaction to the end user. Operating closely with the retail sector it delivers a package of products and services to promote and support real Christmas tree sales all the way from the field to the till.

From the early needs to provide an answer to needle drop developed a company who now supply many hundreds of customers throughout the UK and Ireland with products for all sectors involved with Christmas tree sales. Through the cooperation between directors of two separate specialist companies, deeply committed to the world of real trees, The Christmas Cabin was borne; ‘Snowbird Christmas Tree Specialists’ and ‘Cadeby Tree Trust’ encompass specific expertise in different parts of this industry.

Snowbird import and distribute over 500,000 sampling Christmas trees a year and has an advisory service for the industry. Cadeby Tree Trust grows over 1.3 million Christmas trees for the UK market and also has a contracting service managing over 2 million Christmas trees.

The Chistmas Cabin sells; the widest range of water holding tree stands on the market, provides products for creating mini-forest displays, produces attractive point-of-sale materials, supplies netting and netting funnels and holds stock of replacements right down to nuts and bolts. Whatever your need, The Christmas Cabin has it covered. A friendly knowledgeable sales team and agents can talk you through your order and efficient warehouse and dispatch staff delivers personally to your door.

Now moving forward we are proud to introduce our on-line retail site, ‘Real Tree Solutions’, designed to provide another method of purchasing our quality products that are used in the field, at harvest and onward at home. The site allows customer convenient purchasing on-line with easy access to many products of the Christmas tree world!

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