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About us

The UK’s leading provider of juicing machines and fruit, bar none!

“Our freshly squeezed Orange Juice concept is a perfect fit for customers in farm shops. With zero waste, recyclable plastic – its good for you, fresh and with healthy margins for retailers too”

iSqueeze is the the UK’s leading provider of commercial juicing machines and fruit, supplying over 500 locations across the country.

We pride ourselves on giving our Hotels, Restaurants and Café partners the best service through regular deliveries of fruit and maintaining the equipment we supply. Our operations team is trained to ensure that each customer receives the service they expect.

Founded in 2011, iSqueeze started humbly providing orange juice machines to customers. It quickly became clear that the juicing sector needed a wider range of machines and fruits to support the growing trend toward health conscious diets. So we brought innovative solutions to the market including our own frozen, portion controlled sachets to go with commercial blenders.

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