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About us

Insight 6 helps the farm retail community to continually improve and deliver world class customer service standards.

Hundreds of UK farm shops use our mystery shopping and customer feedback tools to coach and develop their staff. Not only do we measure the customer experience but we also focus in on product knowledge. Good product knowledge is the reason many consumers visit farm shops. We help retail leaders to develop their teams to be knowledgeable, helpful and friendly with an excellent service culture and high performance standards.

We work with hundreds of UK farm shops to deliver:

  • Tailor made mystery shopping programmes.
  • Motivational training sessions on customer service, selling, stealing and complaint handling.
  • Focus groups to identify what your clients really think.
  • Face to face service customer feedback tools for exit and on-line surveys.

Most importantly, we have a team of Regional Directors who are local and can help you implement our programmes.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a wonderful management tool, which ensures you fully understand how customers feel about their last experience with your business.

It involves a mystery shopper visiting your business, behaving and acting like a normal customer. Once their visit is completed a feedback report is produced which allows you to review your teams performance.

Insight 6 has a unique product, as our report style is more detailed and factual than any other in the marketplace. The reports are tailored in such a way that when you take your staff through them, they instantly become a coaching and motivational tool.

All businesses are visited at least monthly so you have an ongoing benchmarking process for your customer service. This allows for strategic decisions, on both operational and training issues, to be taken.

We position ourselves as being the best quality mystery shopping business in the world.

Customer Service Training

Our knowledge and experience of having conducted over 120,000 mystery shops help us to deliver entertaining, hard-hitting and motivational customer service training workshops which have benefited more than 2,500 staff to date.

Motivating your team to sell more product in order to increase the customers secondary spend is the lifeblood to your business.

It all starts with delivering great service but then there are tactics that can really help to increase the customers order size.

We have identified through the thousands of mystery shops we have undertaken some fantastic techniques your team can use to entice the customer to buy more product and we have developed a new 3 hour sales training workshop entitled Helping the Customer to Buy

This motivating sessions covers:

  • Identifying customers who are open to buying more products
  • Giving the team a process to help them entice customers to buy more
  • Understanding which great questions to ask to increase the order size
  • Using word pictures to sell the products
  • How to handle objections to ensure the customer still buys
  • Making sure the customer returns for more

We often run this sales training session in store when they are closed in the evening. This way we can use real products and scenarios from the store.

How we support FRA Members

As a long term Associate Member of FRA, Insight 6 provides a free mystery shop for each new member. To access this visit please email providing the date you became a member.

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