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About Us

Hortifeeds manufacture in the UK, producing the highest quality specialist fertilisers. For a comprehensive guide to our products please go onto www.hortifeeds.co.uk.

Our specialist fertilisers and bio-stimulant products efficiently overcome any growing challenges, such as ensuring excellent root development and supporting the crop during times of stress. We work with some of the leading growers in the UK, providing them with our expert knowledge gained over many years. Our wide range includes liquid, water soluble and granular fertilisers suitable for any growing situation.

Below is a selection of our leading products:

HortiMix – A range of water-soluble fertilisers specially formulated for soft-fruit crops grown in a wide range of substrates, or soil. Mixes designed for both hard and soft water, and with generous magnesium and trace element levels to suit specific crop requirements.

HortiHydrate Bio – a high performance wetting agent formulated from a unique blend of sustainable ingredients. This environmentally friendly product boasts equivalent performance to standard synthetic surfactants, representing a vast improvement on alternative wetting agents.

HortiBoost – Powerful package of 20 essential amino-acids, humic acid complex, seaweed and major and minor nutrients. The complete all-round biostimulant

AmētrosTR – Powered by Plant Impact’s CaTᵀᴹ technology, AmētrosTR leads the market for optimisation and distribution of calcium.

HortiPhyte – Highly mobile phosphite fertiliser that increases crop resilience and improves rooting and nutrient uptake.

HortiHydrate Pro – Hortifeeds powerful new specialised horticultural wetting agent. Ideal for use both in coir and other substrates.

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