Gruntled Pork Crackling


Salty Dog Brands Ltd
Pressmore Farm,
Ashley Green Road


01494 776006


About us

Gruntled Pork Crackling is part of the Salty Dog Brands collection, a family owned company, created by husband and wife team Dave & Judy Willis. Their mission is to create quirky alternative snacks for quality independent retailers, offering a real point of difference to mainstream brands. 

Customers enjoy genuine discovery, as our brands are not in the aisles of multiple supermarkets, whilst we offer you the opportunity to charge an appropriate premium without price comparison.

Gruntled Pork Crackling is produced in the Black Country, home to finest crackling makers. Double cooking the rind is the secret, making for a cleaner snack with a crunch that doesn’t break your jaw. Choose from our four enticing flavours, Cornish Sea Salt, Habanero Chilli, English Mustard, Salt & Vinegar

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