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About us

Green Pioneer is UK based distribution company, focused on bringing sustainable, ethical household products and gifts to the retail market. Trading since 2008 we now represent over 20 brands with 400+ lines. We offer a low minimum order value, fair shipping costs and everything is despatched from our own UK based warehouse.  A wide choice in one delivery with one invoice.

We sell design-led products for sustainable living, which means they might be:

  • designed to reduce waste and encourage reuse
  • eco-friendly cleaning alternatives to harsh chemicals
  • made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, jute or organic cotton
  • made from recycled and upcycled materials

If you are thinking of launching or expanding a non-food range, then Green Pioneer could be an easy solution for you.  A wide selection of household, homeware and gift ranges, with low minimum order and only one invoice to deal with!

We believe fully in the ethical principles behind the brands we represent and are always keen to share their stories with our customers. We are proud to work with some of the original sustainable brands on the market and love having a close relationship with such innovative founders.

One of our main priorities is delivering excellent customer service. Our background in retail means we have a keen understanding of the retail landscape and are tuned into consumer demands and trends. Find out more about working with us here:

You can see our trading terms and conditions here:

We also have a stockists only instagram account featuring among other things video range reviews, and send a monthly trade newsletter with new product updates.

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