Girl Gone Wild


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Jackson Court
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About Us

Girl Gone Wild has launched its introductory range of wildly comforting frozen prepared meals, using UK-sourced wild game meats with the aim of making ‘eating wild’ a convenience option for home-dining.  The range is a quintet of serves-2 dishes using either pheasant or wild venison wrapped into familiar recipes (‘British Favourites’) with the finest ingredients and flavours to appeal to new – and established – game-eating audiences.

These include:  Pheasant Keralan Curry, Wild Venison Chilli & Fennel Meatballs with Puttanesca Sauce, Wild Venison Bolognese, Pheasant with Creamy Tarragon Sauce and Wild Venison Sausages with Onion & Pancetta Gravy.

“The idea has always been about making ‘eating wild’ an easy and delicious option at home” says Mel Phipps, Founder.  There is huge supply of pheasant and wild venison from the UK’s countryside yet these meats can be hard to get hold of and even then, are usually steered towards the seasonal-specials market.  We have developed this range to feel familiar for brand newcomers by using recipes that everyone loves, which have year-round appeal, and not only make these meats sing but deliver a delicious ‘home cooked’ quality”.

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