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About us

Built to support efficient teams. Anywhere, anytime. The UK’s #1 scheduling software.

A complete employee management system that’s simple to pick up

Employee scheduling

Schedule staff based on peaks and valleys in demand, wage costs, and availability. Send updated schedules straight to your teams via web or mobile.

Shift swapping

Never be left shorthanded. Find replacement staff with the push of a button or simply let your team swap shifts among themselves.

Auto scheduling

Optimise rotas with one click. Use AI to create schedules that meet your requirements for budget, breaks, training, and spread of hours.

Time tracking software

Record accurate timesheets for perfect payroll, see live employee attendance, and make sure your staff get the breaks they need.

Touchless time clock app

A faster, more hygienic way to record work hours. Employees can start and end shifts with touch-free facial verification.

Payroll integration

Make payday fast and accurate. Connect Deputy with your payroll software to sync pay rates and export timesheets with a click.

Workplace communication

Make sure staff never miss important information. Share messages, videos, and documents in one organised system and get notified when they’re received.

Task management

Get stuff done. Assign one-time or recurring tasks to your teams, set due dates, and see when jobs are completed.

Performance management

Track performance and guide staff to success. Deputy helps you give clear feedback and maintain a record of performance.

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