These workshops have been designed to offer inspiration and takeaway learnings for your business. Each of our workshop leaders are FRA partners who are experts in their field. The sessions will take the form of group zoom meetings (circa 45 minutes each). The date and time of each workshop can be viewed in our full event schedule HERE.

Collaborating with other businesses

Frank Woods, NFU Mutual Sector Lead Retail and Wholesale

Alongside our core business of protecting farming and the rural community, NFUM specialises in the retail sector.

Here we’ll talk about what we are seeing across the UK in terms of business communities working together to improve their appeal to consumers.

We will explore how farm shops can engage with this and the role that digital channels play in enabling it.

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Empowering your business in 2021 – Dashboards, mobile apps and more

Jon Boyle & Jonathan Crozier, The EPOS Bureau

By investing in the right systems and technology, you can keep your business moving forward. See how our Eureka™ Dashboard delivers real-time KPIs from your business directly to your PC, tablet or smartphone. With live updates at your fingertips, you can understand your business better and react faster to changing customer behaviour. We’ll also be covering our brand new Digital Table™ app which enables hospitality customers to place and pay for orders conveniently from their table, assisting you with social distancing and staffing costs.

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How to identify your business’ potential

Andrew Burton, Malcolm Scott Consultants

Every business has potential;  Potential to grow and/or evolve.  Targeting all sizes of farm shop and capital expenditure budgets, this workshop will take you through processes that could be considered when identifying the short term and long term potential for your farm shop, whilst identifying possible challenges you may face in your development.

This workshop aims to help a farm shop identify their business potential and increase potential bottom line profit.  With subjects including effective space management and layout design, benchmarking, town planning and strategic business planning, the workshop will take farm shop owners through strategies for developing their business.

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Fresh Success – how to run a successful farm shop in 2021 and beyond

Michael Boyle & Darran Lindley, Fresh Retail

In this session we will explore what Fresh Retail believe will be essential to run a successful farm shop in 2021 and beyond.

Cutting through the jargon, Michael Boyle will present what he thinks are the important issues when running a successful farm shop, he will be joined by Darran Lindley (development director at Fresh Retail Group).

Michael has a great deal of experience in the farm shop sector making operations work from grass roots start-ups through to large scale farm retailers delivering tens of millions of revenue.  Darran brings a wealth of experience from his time not only in the farm shop sector but also working in head office roles for Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s.

In this session we will explore:

  • Spending labour in the right place – our biggest cost.
  • How we train our work force – like in the 1980’s or using technology to be future fit.
  • Our operating procedures – are they task heavy, mountains of paperwork, unnecessary workload (often with mistakes).

We will give insight as to why we think this is important and how it effects the whole business. This session will be supported by some thought provoking slides and some real life business examples.

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Electronic Shelf Edge Labels – How they can benefit your Farm Shop

Karl Mansfield, CSY Retail Systems

You may not have considered Electronic Shelf Edge Labels before, but the next generation are now here.  They are smarter, look better with three colour versions now available, and are more cost-effective.

They can display more information than previously and last longer (up to X years) on easily replaceable batteries.

We will be showing you how they can link to an EPOS system to save staff time, freeing them up to serve your customers more effectively.

They are ideal for items like produce that have constantly changing prices and are less wasteful than paper labels.

Easily discount fresh items that are running out of shelf life and those that are on promotion.

Join our presentation to find out more about this exciting technology!

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HR Headaches and how to solve them

Kevin Murphy & Jennifer Ormond, Employment Law Solutions

From contracts to handbooks, wages to working hours, the world of HR can be a minefield. In this session, Employment Law Solutions will touch upon some of the most common HR headaches you’re likely to encounter, and clarify any commonly asked questions.

As a father, sister & brother run business, we understand the complexities of running a business with your family! And with a background in retail, there won’t be any HR issue we can’t help with.

Employment Law Solutions are proud to offer a new dedicated HR Helpline for FRA members. Join this session to meet the team and find out all about the latest FRA member benefit to help cure your HR headaches and grow stronger together.

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Three Simple Revenue Growth Actions for Farm shops in 2021

Duncan Syme, Data Strategy Consulting

On the back of some exceptional trading in 2020 how will you lap your 2020 revenue in the quite different circumstances in 2021?

In this session we will outline the steps a retailer must take to use their EPOS data to grow their revenue and be more profitable.  You all have EPOS, it’s now time to use it fully!

Workshop led by Duncan Syme of Data Strategy Consulting.

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Is a Loyalty scheme worth the cost?

Duncan Syme, Data Strategy Consulting

A look at what a good loyalty scheme should deliver for customers and how retailers should benefit from the costs of providing the scheme.

If you run a loyalty scheme, or are thinking of starting one, then this session will be very relevant to you and will provide you with examples of ways you can use your loyalty scheme to achieve Customer Loyalty.

Workshop led by Duncan Syme of Data Strategy Consulting.

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Reduce Business Rates & Secure Planning Permission – Maximising Value and Avoiding the Pitfalls

Barry Davies, Davies & Co

Advising on the reduction of Business Rates liabilities, negotiating Liability Orders with councils and ensuring local authorities are kept informed.

Guidance on National and Local Planning including Permitted Developments to secure Planning Permission – from Farm to Retail.

Addressing Agricultural and Rural Planning issues for retail, leisure, commercial and residential. The key is to maximise revenue and increase revenue streams.

Davies & Co has many years’ experience providing specialist business rates advice and planning for farm retail premises.

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Keeping all the plates spinning

David Harrison, NFU Mutual Sector Lead for Farming and Agriculture

Running a successful farm shop alongside an existing farm and ‘keeping all the plates spinning’ can present some challenges.  In this session, presenters from NFU Mutual will help you to ensure that you are managing these risks effectively.  Topics that will be covered include:

  • Successfully managing health and safety
  • Use of buildings
  • Funding investment in your business
  • Protecting your business

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Butchery insights – trends, techniques and hot topics

Karl Pendlebury and Martin Eccles, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) are dedicated to creating a world-class food and farming industry. Their technical butchery knowledge is second to none, offering tools to help improve your profit margins and yield, as well as cutting guides full of practical knowledge.

In this workshop we will be joined by Karl Pendlebury and Martin Eccles of the AHDB, for an open forum discussing topics such as upcoming trends, butchery data and insights, plate waste and carcass utilisation. Come along armed with your butchery questions for a session full of knowledge sharing and practical butchery guidance.

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