Virtual Tours

If you’ve attended Stronger Together in the past, you’ll be well acquainted with our bus tours!  Normally we spend a day taking delegates on a magical mystery tour of some of the best in the business, going behind the scenes and getting an inside perspective from your peers.

Our tours this year will be held virtually, and have been professionally filmed in advance. The films will give you a real flavour of each business, with the intention of making you feel like you’ve paid them a visit from the comfort of your own home.

Each filmed tour will be followed by a live Q&A with the owner, to allow you to delve into any unanswered questions.


From the humble beginnings of the farm shop hut nearly 50 years ago, Darts Farm has organically evolved into the unique lifestyle shopping destination it is today, with a working farm at the heart. The Devon based Darts brothers are well known in the industry as innovators and risk takers, frequently sweeping the board at national awards. Here, we go behind the scenes with a virtual tour of Darts Farm featuring business insights from Michael Dart. The tour will be followed by a live Q&A with Michael.

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The Farm, Stratford

A relative newcomer to the industry, The Farm, Stratford was established in April 2019 and have been making an impact ever since, winning the FRA’s Rising Star Award 2020 and currently a finalist in the Small Farm Shop of the Year category at the Farm Retail Awards 2021. Charlie Wells and her team focus on unique collaborations that support small businesses & build a sense of community for their customers. An emphasis on ‘team’ has also been crucial in the business’s swift growth. With exciting developments in the pipeline, this virtual tour will delve into the story so far, and the projects that lie ahead for this exciting farm shop. Followed by live Q&A with Charlie Wells

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Kuipers Family Farm

We’re going international with this virtual tour, as we go behind the scenes at Kuipers Family Farm, Illinois.

Let’s take a look at the US Market, and how our counterparts across the pond operate their business.

Using world class branding, unique touches at every turn, and delights for all ages, Kuipers Family Farm engages all the senses. It’s all about seasonal experiences and hands-on activities at Kuipers.

The filmed tour will be followed by a live Q&A with Kim Kuipers and Suzi Spahr of NAFDMA, the US FRA equivalent.

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