How can we use this opportunity to build our social following and keep new customers

This session was hosted live on Tuesday 28th April, by FRA partner Susan Hallam MBE, CEO of award winning Digital Marketing  Agency Hallam. Please feel free to use this resource to help your business!


It is clear the COVID19 crisis isn’t going to blow over any time soon, so your business needs to be rapidly realigning the way you communicate with your customers. Creating the right kind of messaging, defining a new purpose and focus is key to social media success. In this 40 minute session, Susan will help you to reflect upon and create a plan for:

  • Defining your new social tone of voice
  • Creating the right kinds of content
  • Updating your social media plan
  • Your top 5 social media steps to take for your business to thrive when time get tough

Please watch the full session below, and download the accompanying slides via this link.

Susan Hallam

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With thanks to Susan Hallam MBE, CEO of award winning Digital Marketing  Agency Hallam

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