Is your Planning permissions due to run out in December 2020?

Planning permissions due to run out in December 2020 can be extended to 1st May 2021 – in England.

If your planning application is due to expire before the end of December 2020, you now have until 1st May 2021 to start the project.

It does however mean that all the original pre-commencement conditions need to be discharged and that work is commenced before the end of April to ensure you implement the planning permission correctly, and meet 1st May deadline. It is important that you check any planning obligations and potential community infrastructure levy requirements.

This extension will help Farm Shops who may have had to put future development plans on hold, to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak, and its impact on farm businesses and families.

The rules do not apply to permitted development, so all Class Q and Part 6 applications have to be complete within the nominated timeframes. It is however still unclear if or even how these rules apply to temporary permissions, for example for the placement of caravans on your land, and time limited changes of use.

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