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Click and Collect, Home Deliveries

Where to start? Are you considering setting up a click and collect or call and collect service for your customers? Or operating a home delivery option? The FRA hosted a group discussion with 30 of our members to talk through the positives and pitfalls. Please note, these are suggestions only – this is intended as guidance and support for those considering going down this retail route. The call took place on Tuesday 24th March. Please see:

  • Full presentation from Ian Kelsall of Insight6 who kindly hosted this session – DOWNLOAD
  • Ian’s suggested template for installing a Food to Go system – feel free to use and tweak for your own purposes – DOWNLOAD
  • Brief notes taken during the discussion – DOWNLOAD

Thanks to Ian Kelsall for his time and expertise. Ian would be happy to hear from you if you have any further queries or would like to discuss accessing further support.


Deliverappy is a home shopping app for independent retail businesses such as farm shops and garden centres wanting an instant smartphone based shopping outlet for their businesses.

Once registered on the app, adding products is quick and easy. Customers download the app, locate your store on the map and start browsing your stock. Payment is handled for you and you receive a notification as soon as a new order is placed.

Orders can be viewed in the retailer area of the app where you can also update progress to keep customers informed.

Deliverappy is much easier and more cost effective to setup and run than a shopping cart on your website.

Start taking online orders – keep the tills ringing

Are you looking for ways to sell your products online? We’ve partnered FRA Associate Member Payment Sense who will provide our members with a unique offering: a free website and free virtual terminal. Find out more and chat with Tim directly to discuss how this could work for your business.

  • Completely free website to take orders online
  • Free Virtual Terminal for taking payments over the phone and email
  • Get your cash in quicker with Next Day Settlement

Check out how this system has worked for Lower Ladysden Farm…

“We have found the setup really easy and although in the form it says you can only add 30 items, we’ve found it’s no problem for Ben, who we’ve been dealing with, to add more. 

The customers being able to pay at the time of ordering has been a huge help and taken a great workload off the shop staff.”

Read more here and see their online e-commerce platform here.

“How do I go from being being a pure ‘bricks and mortar’ shop to selling products online?”

Are you unsure which level of online retail is right and realistic for your business?

The EPOS Bureau have developed a helpful information pack exploring the benefits and drawbacks of:

  • Click and collect
  • Online shop
  • Order and collect

They have developed in-house solutions that suit different sizes of businesses, with different staffing levels and varying budgets.

Home delivery – driver safety

With more and more members turning to home delivery as a means of getting goods to consumers, and putting on this amazing service with days, rather than months of planning, we’ve had some helpful guidance from Adrian, a Driver Risk Management Consultant to ensure you have not forgotten any safety measures or legal requirements.

Need more cars for delivery driving?

FRA members can save 25% on car hire with Enterprise. Enterprise is dedicated to keeping Britain’s Essential Services moving through these difficult times. That’s we’re offering 25% off personal car hire to all Farm Retail Association members.

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