The Farm Shop At Cranswick


Beverley Road
Hutton Cranswick
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO25 9PQ


01377 271038

About us

At the Farmshop at Cranswick, both the shop and the cafe serve and provide the freshest food and produce that is available to us. We pride ourselves on the carefully selected organic and locally sourced produce in the area of Hutton Cranswick.

We understand that sustainability and traceability is important to the customer, and therefore, it is our top priority. Through the family run business, we have created a relationship with our customer and are able to ensure that everybody is catered for.

We supply a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables of the best quality and varieties. On the counter, the homemade pies, pastries and cakes are made in our bakery on the same day of you purchasing. In the cafe, the food served is the same quality and freshness of ingredients that can be found in the shop. Each meal and sweet treat is home made in the Farmshop kitchen for your enjoyment. Devour a piece of our cake or tuck into a heart-warming Sunday lunch.

Join us at the Farmshop at Cranswick and support your local businesses – be passionate about fresh local food and care for your family by only using the best quality ingredients that you can rely on.

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