The Bushel Box Farm Shop


Manning & Son
130 Station Road
CB24 5HG


01954 206015

About us

Established in 2011 to showcase the produce grown on the farm, and to provide a year round destination for people looking for fresh local produce, the Bushel Box Farm Shop takes over from a popular seasonal farm shop. The Manning family have been growing fruit on a commercial level for over 50 years and were previously market gardeners running a Cambridge Market Stall in the 1950’s. Today the farm is a mix of cereal crops and orchards of Plum, Pear, Apple and Apricot.

The Bushel Box Farm Shop aims to promote the best in seasonal produce and to encourage customers to eat seasonally and locally.

No more than 1 mile from the tree

The shop sells our own in-season tree fruit and Asparagus alongside locally grown fresh seasonal vegetables and soft fruit. We specialise in growing Plums, Pears Apricots and Apples and are proud to offer for sale 34 varieties of Plum and 31 varieties of Apple; all grown by us on our farm and transported no more than 1 mile from the tree. During the short season we harvest Asparagus daily for sale in the shop from a 1 acre bed just a couple of minutes walk away.

**The shop is open all year round from 10am to 6pm Tues – Sat and on Sunday 10am to 4pm. The shop is closed on Mondays.**

The produce for sale changes subtly from week to week as each season progresses. In general we offer plums for sale between mid July and mid October. Our Apple crops usually starts early August and lasts through until May or June with Pears available from mid August to mid March. The Apricot harvest typically appears at the end of July for just a few weeks…they’re so good we just can’t grow enough of them.

The vegetables available are dependent on the time of year and the weather conditions. We do keep cauliflowers, cabbage and staple items such as onions, mushrooms, potatoes and carrots in stock as well as root vegetables such as parsnips. We also keep cooking essentials such as lemons, garlic and ginger from further afield for convenience.

Locally roasted coffee

On weekends we open our small coffee shop 10am to 4pm offering cakes made on the premises alongside locally roasted coffee, tea from a local company and hot chocolate from an east anglian firm.

The shop also sells jam and marmalade made on the premises as well as eggs, oil, honey and apple juice all from Cambridgeshire, East Anglian ice cream and local preserves.

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