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Shillingford Abbot


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About us

Shillingford Organics is located at The Barton, Shillingford Abbot, a small village just three miles west of Exeter. Set in a sheltered valley between Alphington and the Haldon hills, the farm’s 350 acres of rich Devon red soil is perfect for growing arable and horticultural crops and has been fully organic since 2002.

Martyn Bragg is the second generation of the family to farm here and has a family of his own and wants them to grow up understanding where their food comes from, knowing that it is produced without the use of artificial chemicals or fertilisers.

Forty acres, including eight polytunnels, are dedicated to growing organic vegetables. We have apple and fruit trees in 2 small orchards as well as Agroforestry schemes with alleys of trees in 2 fields.

Everyone who works on the farm is passionate about wildlife, nature and ecology. To have a great range of bio-diversity is really important for organic growing and for producing good, healthy crops.

Our veg box scheme and Online Farm Shop allows us to create a direct relationship between us as growers and you as customers and encompasses more than just the aspect of trade. For you it means locally produced, great value and good, fresh produce that’s full of flavour. It also allows you some sense of connection with the source of your food, and the knowledge that you are not underwriting a wasteful and destructive system of transportation.

For us the veg box scheme provides a predictable income and allows us to grow, sell and deliver produce direct and in a way that does not compromise organic principles. It gives us a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that the crops we have produced are delivered and consumed within 10 miles of the farm.

We welcome customers and their families onto the farm throughout the year to find out more about how and where their food is produced.

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