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About us

Over Farm Market is located on the A40 just outside of Gloucester.

We are an award-winning, family-run farm shop selling farm grown produce, home-made treats and a wide choice of local and artisan food and drink items.

Operating for over 32 years, the shop has evolved from its inception, where it just sold farm grown potatoes and onions in bulk, to the present day which now includes the deli, butchers, bakery and tea room.

##We have one simple aim – to provide the best locally grown, fresh, seasonal produce.

Rob Keene originally came across the concept of farm shops whilst working on a farm in Indiana, America. Back then it was still a young industry, although, after the boom of the pick your own industry in the 1970’s, many soft fruit growers were looking to set up farm shops in order to extend the season.

On his return to England, he decided that the farm his Father and Uncle were running had more than enough potential to supply a farm shop, and gave Rob and Sue an enterprise to establish under the umbrella of the main business.

Over Farm Market was purchased in 1982 by R.Keene & Sons. The building, formerly a lorry garage, was rapidly converted into a farm shop with Rob and Sue at the helm.

Potatoes and Onions

Initially, they began by selling Potatoes and Onions that were being grown on the farm directly to customers. Steadily, the range of produce grew to the 80+ varieties of fruit and veg grown and sold today.

Over the years, as the public have looked for more to do in the countryside, Over Farm has developed other activities to entertain and enthral the public. This includes a music festival, Halloween scare attraction, children’s Easter, Halloween and Christmas events, and a party venue in a 19th century barn.

Now being driven forward by 13 family members, the farm is always innovating and adapting to changes to keep it a fantastic place to visit, whatever the reason.

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