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About us

We are a producer owned co-operative who run the Certified Farmers Markets in Portishead and Clevedon.

We pride ourselves on being certified and our belief is to have only quality products in the market which are produced only by the producers from their own holdings. The exceptions are Country Markets Ltd who must source 25% of their baked goods from a local producer and our bread producer who sources all of his flour from our local mill who in turn buys only local grain. We have resisted having producers into the market who buy and re-sell as do other markets in the area and all of our producers come from within a 30 mile radius so we are truly local. We would rather have 10 local stalls of quality produce than 25 stalls travelling many miles and selling produce with which we cannot prove the provenance. 

The markets officially open at 9 am and finish at 12.30 pm but because of the quality of our produce we frequently have customers waiting for us to arrive.

Portishead is the smaller of the two markets and is always on the second Saturday of the month throughout the year it is held outside Waitrose in their Piazza. There is organic meat bread and cakes plants flowers and plants chesse organic egg sapple juice and honey.

The Clevedon market is held on the fourth Saturday of each month in Queens Square outside Morrisons. All of the stalls which are at Portishead are at Clevedon as well but there is also venison, trout, strawberries in season and conventional beef. The December market is the 3rd Saturday of the month and the organic stall also has large organic chickens for this occasion. The market is run by the producers and every producer has a single share in the co-operative company. 

For information contact the Secretary, Mike Amos on 01275 372415 or 

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