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About us

Passionate about local food, 80% of the food sold comes from Shropshire and its surrounding counties. Ludlow Farmshop is designed to not only sell food but to produce it, and over half of the products sold are made in production units that surround the shop floor. These are visible through glass windows that allow you to see the artisan producers making your food by hand using the produce grown or reared on their own farms.

Open for breakfast, lunch and cake 7 days per week. Ludlow Kitchen is the epitome of what real food stands for and we have a genuine passion for developing menus that use fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.
Many of the ingredients on our menu are sourced from Ludlow Farmshop and its production units and we also use a selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables that are grown in Lady Plymouth’s Walled Garden less than 1 mile away.

We believe in working with local artisans who share our values and commitment to great food. Where we can’t source our ingredients from Ludlow Farmshop we source from other local farmers, growers and producers. Shropshire and its surrounding counties produce a plethora of superb fresh fruit, vegetables and produce that inspire our chefs to create seasonal dishes that you will remember.

Ludlow Kitchen is unique. We are proud to be a Shropshire restaurant that delivers a superb atmosphere with memorable food that will make you want to eat with us again and again.

We also have an on-site boutique inn, The Clive, offering lunch and dinner 7 days per week, located in the heart of the Oakly Park Estate.

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