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About us

Doing our best, to bring you the best, straight from our farm

The Farm Shop at Kilnford showcases the very best locally raised meats, delicatessen and foods from around our beautiful region.

All of our meat comes from our large, local mixed farm with land rising from close to sea level at Kilnford up to 700 feet at nearby Ingleston. It is on this high ground that our Belted Galloway cattle and Blackface sheep graze. They live outside all year round and eat the slow maturing grass which is an essential ingredient in producing the natural flavour of our beef and lamb.

Our pigs also live outside with each sow having its own small insulated house in which to rear its piglets. Animal welfare is very important to us at Kilnford and our pig herd has achieved the highest possible standard awarded by the RSPCA Freedom Food Scheme.

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