Hexham Farmers’ Market


3 Hexham Road
NE48 3LR


01434 230605


About us

Hexham Farmers Market is a long established market in the heart of the historic town of Hexham in Northumberland. Our producers come from within a 50 mile range of the town and they are all passionate about what they do.

They make the products themselves using a high percentage of locally produced ingredients, so the meat you buy at Hexham Farmers’ Market is reared by the producer and the vegetables are locally grown.

We have about 25 producers who come to the market on a regular basis and you can find out about most of them on our producer’s page.

Hexham Farmers’ Market is a friendly community in its own right. We know lots of our customers and stallholders often help each other out.  Visiting the market can be a very social occasion!

By shopping at the market you get access to an excellent range of foods and other products that have been produced in the area, you know what you’re buying is fresh and you’ll be able to talk to the producers about how they farm and how they make their products.  Often you will also be able to taste what’s on offer.  In addition you support a wide range of small food producers and you make you money work positively for the local economy.

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