Eastington Farm Shop


Middlehall Farm
Bath Road
GL10 3AY


01453 823655


About us

We love what we do and it shows. With more than 3 generations of experience in the field, our family know the farming & food industry like the back of our hands.

We’ve seen first hand the challenges that modern life has created and the disconnection between farm & table that has occurred as a result of mass-production and industrialisation. As a result, health problems are rising quicker than ever.

That’s why we decided to create Eastington Farmshop to help reconnect farmers with the table so consumers can appreciate their food in a meaningful way.

We believe that when there’s better transparency about where your food comes from, you’re able to make better decisions for you, your family & loved ones and the planet.
Our Story…
Eastington Farmshop was founded by Hannah Clarke & Ed Spencer.

The Spencer’s have been dairy farming the land for generations but saw a new emerging opportunity to help solve some of the challenges we experience in the 21st Century by taking things back to grass roots and using their connections within the local area to help locals access good quality food without reliance on big supermarket chains that put profits first.

They took the plunge to make their dream a reality and opened their doors to the public August 2019.
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