Court Farm Shop


Court Farm
Stoke Road
Stoke Orchard
GL52 7RY



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About us

Court Farm Shop is built upon a strong history of traditional family farming as well as the valued loyalty of our customers. We currently sell our Free Range Eggs from our farm in our Egg Shed and pride ourselves on the quality of the produce.

We also offer our home produced lamb, beef & pork as well as locally sourced duck eggs, plants and potatoes, subject to availability.
My partner (Mr Simon Knight) & I are working towards the diversification & expansion of our current business with the development of a purpose built Farm Shop with a butchery. We are aiming to provide an outlet for our own produce (beef, lamb, pork, eggs) as well as support other local producers of poultry, fruit, vegetables, dairy, jams, chutneys, plants etc. and to create a farm to fork philosophy

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