Cobb’s Farm Shop – Winchester


Springvale Road
Headbourne Worthy
SO23 7LD


01962 889 000


About us

Established in 2007, Cobbs was founded out of a passion for supplying quality food with provenance to our customers as well as providing a platform to the immense volume of artisanal producers on our doorstep. We put seasonal produce on the shelves within minutes of being picked.

At the heart of Cobbs Farm Shop & Kitchen is its farm, which at around 55 acres is compact but perfectly formed!

Cobbs Winchester

Situated just outside of Winchester in the village of Headbourne Worthy; our farm shop has been a feature in the local community for over three decades.

From the very beginning of it’s life as a watercress shed to the farm shop you find today; it’s essence remains the same. To provide customers quality food with provenance.

Cobbs at Winchester is the ultimate food destination in Hampshire (and a place you can grab your weekly shop!)

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