Team Safety Checker & Client Confidence Builder

plus TRACK & TRACE functionality for casual dining/large walk in businesses

insight6 have developed an Online Business Portal to help all businesses that have survived the downturn to thrive in the recovery. We know that all businesses need to create confidence within their customers that the business is a safe place to visit. The starting point to creating this is to create a safe place to work for your colleagues. It might take more than signage and hazard tape to do this and the Team Safety Checker will enable you to constantly get feedback that your team members do feel safe enough to keep coming into work, not just on day one, but throughout the busy recovery period, minimising the risk of high team member absence. If they do not feel safe, the system will automatically notify you of this, enabling you to take action immediately and nip issues in the bud.

The same system can also be used to communicate to your customers what safety measures you have in place, and gauge if it is enough to persuade them to visit and share your view that your business is a safe place to visit, and continue to visit.

In light of the Government guidelines for the reopening of restaurants/cafes, the same system can also be enabled to capture the customer contact data into a GDPR complaint system, needed to comply with Track and Trace requirements. Customers enter their details by scanning a QR code that can be stickered onto tables or at till points, enabling your team to focus on giving great service and selling more stuff!

No long term contract or monthly fees.

Feature summary

  • Simple system setup and working in your business within 48hrs
  • Reduces team member anxiety and team member absence
  • Increases customer confidence that your business is a safe place to visit
  • Can record customer details for track & trace
  • £150 + VAT one off payment, for 3 months of system usage
  • No additional charges throughout the 3 month period
  • No commission to be paid no matter how busy your business gets
  • No contract
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum spend
  • Local insight6 representative on hand to provide support when needed

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