CO2 insights for your business

In a bid to fight climate change, the government has set a target to get the UK to carbon zero by 2050.  We’ve partnered up with Zellar to help our members get to carbon zero faster.

Zellar is a new technology company that has a mission to get 1 million small businesses to carbon zero in the next 10 years. If they succeed they will save over 100 million tons of CO2 emissions!  We’ve pledged to join them in their mission.  It would be great if you joined us.

Could you be a carbon zero ambassador?

We’re looking for 5 members to become carbon zero ambassadors to lead the way in the farm retail sector in reducing our carbon emissions. You’ll be involved in a PR campaign led by our carbon zero partner. Read more below…

Do you want to:

  • Understand more about the energy you are consuming
  • Understand how green it actually is
  • Learn about the CO2 emissions generated from it
  • Compare your results to more than 75,000 other UK businesses
  • Find out how to reduce emissions, and save money…

CO2 insights for your business

Did you know that last year, on average every small business in the UK generated 9 tons of CO2  from electricity consumption and 13 tons from gas consumption?  Do you know how much CO2 was emitted to power your business last year?  This is just one of the insights that you will be able to access if you sign up to Zellar.

How they do it

Their digital platform has been created to offer the lowest cost path to sustainability – helping to accelerate small businesses on their journey to carbon zero in the most efficient ways possible. Zellar can give you access to unique data behind your business. Starting with energy, they will help you to understand more about the energy you are consuming, how green it actually is and the CO2 emissions generated from it.  You can also compare your results to more than 75,000 other UK businesses.

How they can help your business

Whatever your results, Zellar will help you on your way to carbon zero.  Whether that’s through making smarter energy choices that can help you to unlock funds to invest in your sustainability journey, helping you self-audit other areas of your business, or giving you the tools to share your sustainability credentials with your customers. They’re only just getting started and have many more features to help you with all aspects of sustainability coming soon.

How do I get involved… what do I have to do?

Signing up only takes a minute and won’t cost you anything.  Let’s see what impact we can all have together. All you need to do is:

  • Provide business name and address
  • Give Zellar permission to access industry held data on your behalf
  • Provide an email address and confirm you are a representative of the business

And that’s it! One you’ve signed up, you will have access to your own dashboard and will see the measures behind your business. No catches. No cost. And you can go in and check your data whenever you want, to see how you are progressing.

Our first 5 carbon zero ambassador will be invited to take part in a brief zoom call to introduce you to Zellar, explain the process in more detail, and discuss how we can promote your involvement.

Become an ambassador today! Contact Jenny to express your interest on 01423 546214 or

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