12 reasons why hiring a café/restaurant manager will save (and make) you money

It is a well-established fact that having a restaurant or café within your farm shop drives footfall and for a large percentage of customers, this is their primary reason for visiting. Their secondary spend is in the farm shop itself.

But if you don’t have the right person in place to manage the jewel in your crown, it could quickly become a cash drain on your business rather than the successful venture you had envisaged.

So, let’s explore 12 reasons why hiring a good restaurant/café manager will ultimately help save (and make) you money.

What are the key responsibilities of their role?

1. Controlling costs, budgets and labour;
2. Recruiting, training and developing great people and teams;
3. Improving staff retention rates;
4. Driving sales through up-selling and introducing creative new sales building initiatives;
5. Managing stock effectively and controlling wastage;
6. Liaising with and sourcing suppliers and negotiating the best possible price;
7. Ensuring you remain “en trend” with menu development and current food trends for all your customers;
8. Maintaining consistently exceptional levels of customer service;
9. Improving and increasing repeat custom;
10. Maintaining all relevant legislation to ensure legal compliance;
11. Producing reports detailing spend per head, cost of sales, labour spend, best sellers etc to improve profitability and the bottom line;
12. Driving footfall to the rest of the business.

So, after investing heavily in a new restaurant or café to help your business thrive, ensure that you also hire the right person to manage it for you.

An experienced manager can make it a success from day one and you will reap the rewards.


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